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Our collective, essentially inspired by an idea of unity and social transformation between people with the help of their narratives. We explore topics of science-fiction intertwined with personal narratives and cultural identity through family histories of Tatar and Korean background.  Tatar Seoul Radio started earlier this year as a series of broadcasts on Twitch, where we bridged personal stories and narratives from our cultural backgrounds in Russia and South Korea. Much like short-wave radio, we share mementos of our past and present from Moscow to Seoul and read letters, ghost stories, and notes from our dreams, as our radio centres on a state of being together at distance or being united from afar.  We have an interactive map that also shows our journeys in the stream featured on our website for listeners to follow along.

Our collective is Lina Chang and Linda Zagidulina. Lina is a sound artist and Linda is a visual artist working in sculpture and performance in her practice. Previously, Tatar Seoul Radio was a resident at
Digital Artist Residency in 2021.

You can also listen to our talk via Export Radio archive.

︎TSR’s reading list:

  • Jokbo

  • Where We Once Belonged, Sia Fiegel

  • The Letters of Mina Harker, Dodie Bellamy

  • Performing Mourning, Guy Cools

  • Powerful Frequencies: Radio, State Power and the Cold War in Angola, 1931 - 2002, Marissa J. Moorman

  • Unsent Letters, Adel Kutuy

  • Tatar Folk Stories: Shurali, Sak Sok, Goat and Sheep

(Imagine below is Linda’s plugin forone of the text-based games for DAR)