Echolocative All-Round Narratives (2023)
performance, 3h 30 mins

Red mirror acrylic, powder-coated mild steel, wheels, ceramics
150 x 80 x 22 cm

performed at Chisenhale Dance Studios in July 2023 for Daisy Chains, a collaborative exhibition with Audrey Roger (her performing and her work is in the background). 

Daisy Chains is a site-responsive exhibition by Linda Zagidulina and Audrey Roger. It explores the exchanges between permanence and impermanence as values that permeate sculpture and movement-based work in how space is shaped. The installation is a continuous dialogue between two works reflecting on traces, labour and care.

text by Zagidulina and Roger

Echolocative All-Round Narratives refers to close relationships we have with people and athletic practices for performance or training (including but not limited to sports as gymnastics), where labour and care are juxtaposed with self-consciousness and trust on a timescale. It attemts to capture this connection with setting up a challenge of running for 3.5h. This work studies sculpture through human connections as fragile construction of body and the narratives its trying to recreate over and over again while navigated by the motherly caring voice in Volga Tatar language, telling all the things that are already possibly done wrongly. The vocal soundtrack that also appears to be a counting metronome for both artists’ processes. Led by the remarks of the vocal soundtrack the performer is navigating them with sculptural extension to her body, by placing herself in the space and with constant rearrangement of the mobile scultpure. 

photographs by Ksenia Burnasheva